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We would love to help you bring your ideas to life. Need a commercial produced or not sure how to get your voice recorded and out to the world? We can help. We specialize in Audio Production. Producing radio sweepers, intro's, Commercials. Voice Over Demos, Actors and Voice Reels and more. Take a listen to some of our samples click on the "Sample of My Work" Page.

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Creating Sound and Enhancing words to Communicate the Imaginable
Keeping It Close With PJ
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Keeping It Close With PJ is a Podcast Show..for now until I can get back on the radio. A show with great topic's, opinions like none other! The concept of my show is "Keeping it close to reality but at the same time keeping close to the edge" a perfect mix that sure to have you laughing and thinking! 
Want to talk about a project, not sure how to put something together?  Contact us we will be happy to help put your ideas to work for you.  
"We put sounds to work."  
Now Playing A Short Segment "If A Tree Falls In The Woods And No One Is Around To Hear It Does It Make A Sound?"